Archived Update: Whoops...

Anyone who's tried to download from the media page over the past day or so will have invariably noticed that the tracker is down.

I'm using as my tracker right now, as they're free, easy to use, and they allow unregistered users (you guys) to connect.

Eventually, of course, I'd like to set up my own tracker. Unfortunately I won't have time for that until at least the new year. It'll come eventually, though.

So that means that the torrents are down until further notice. They've been quite popular so far, so don't worry, they'll come back up as soon as the tracker is fixed. When that happens, I'll also make available a full bootlegged show.

That's about it. You all take care, and, if (unlike me) you have the next couple of weeks off, be sure to enjoy yourselves.

-jl []

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Date: Dec 18, 2004

Time: 5:20pm

Listening to: Across Five Aprils - Blue Eyed Suicide

Mood: disinterested

Tab/Lyrics added: nope

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Details: removed torrents until the tracker gets fixed

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