Archived Update: I should be studying

I have a Digital Logic final in just over 24 hours, and I am vastly unprepared, so, obviously, I'm working on the site.

People have gotten a little better about helping seed Big City Life, so I've decided to add something new. I've uploaded a torrent for the video for It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man. It's bigger, so we'll see how well this all works. It'll take a while to gather momentum, so expect the download speeds to be slow for the first while, at least.

I'm gathering up a good selection of full bootlegs, and am looking at posting those soon.

So yeah... that's it. If you aren't sure how to work BitTorrent, feel free to send me an Email, and, of course, I'm still looking for feedback about the layout change.

-jl []

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Date: Dec 14, 2004

Time: 4:30pm

Listening to: Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You

Mood: disillusioned

Tab/Lyrics added: nope

Media added: yeah

Layout change: nope

Details: added a torrent for the It's Been A While video...

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