Archived Update: And through the mists...

Welcome to the newest incarnation of the mgtabarchive.

Apparently I wasn't being entirely honest when I said that the changes would only be minor. I wasn't aware that I'd end up changing so much, but here we are.

I've now moved entirely to CSS, so, in theory, I should be able to make fairly significant changes to the layout of the site without too much hassle. We'll see how that goes.

As you've possibly noticed, I've changed the way I'm doing updates now. I'm going to try to keep track of more information when I update. Considering the volume of stuff I add to the site, it'll probably give you a better idea of what has changed since your last visit.

I'm not sure how I'll archive past updates and keep that accessible, while not letting it get out of hand. I don't really have to deal with that, though, until I next update, so I've got temporary reprieve.

Anyway, everything's still here. Let me know what you think of the new look. As always, if you have problems with the site, please drop me a line and tell me what doesn't work. Be sure to include info like what browser you're using.

-jl []

Update Information:

Date: Dec 07, 2004

Time: 2:33pm

Listening to: Metric - Wet Blanket

Mood: emo

Tab/Lyrics added: Lyrics to Big City Life

Layout change: indeed

Details: new colour scheme, new layout, new navigation, new everything!

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