Archived Update: I've got competition

As posted on the mblog, Matt's going into the studio in April to do some recording.

According to Pat (Steward), Matt's new project will involve Pat, Ryan and Megan (both from Limblifter -- thanks Chad). Christian and Rich, apparently, are not involved. (Look for Vancouver area shows around April as well.)

Now to the business at hand. *ahem* It appears that another Matt Good tab site has cropped up. Who am I to complain about a little competition, though? Feast your eyes on the impressive Matthew Good Tabs! Now, I'm not going to take issue with the claim that the site is the "number one place for Matthew Good Tabs" -- hell, maybe they are. What I do take issue with is the fact that, of their few working tabs, all of them are links to tabs on my site...

I've got to be honest... I'm a little confused about the whole situation. From what I can tell, someone decided to rip off my site, and then gave up partway through.

*shrug* ... I guess that's the beauty of the internet.

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